And she does comedy!? 

Youbetcha. Because Liysa Callsen loves to perform, share, and make others laugh she’s sharing her comedy offerings here. 


2liysa c logo girl Tell ’em 


Named after the book is Liysa’s one woman show. A  journey of her life being raised by Deaf parents in a hearing world. The stories of her childhood will move you, inspire you and make you laugh – alot.



Improv Comedy

Liysa Callsen believes you can get through life with humor.  She trained at Second City – Chicago and has has producing shows for 8 years, including Dear In The Headlights.  Liysa is also an inspirational speaker and author.

Kathy Kowalski has been doing improv and stand up for three years with experience in theater and comedy productions for over twenty years. She will convince you that life is a journey and there is humor at every stage.