2017 equals ONE

Here’s something you didn’t expect to learn about me. I do my best thinking in the shower. (Pause) Yep, I shared that with you. Something about the water running, my thoughts get clear. I actually have written some of my funniest jokes, poignant moments and reflected on “what it all means” from the shower.
And it’s in the shower when I thought ONE.
As I lay my head against the cold shower tile, I notice how much clutter is in my brain. How much time I spend on thinking about everything instead of doing everything. I know how much I’m doing, some days though it doesn’t feel like enough. Every NEW YEAR I find a few words to help me get motivated. It lasts for about two months. Things like SOAR, FOCUS, CONSISTENT and RESILIENT.
While in a funky mood, I realized how impatient I am. I realized that it’s the ONE moments that keep us going. In some cases it’s that ONE person that understand the message/work you’re doing and needed it in that ONE moment. I realized that only ONE thing matters at a time. And that ONE is relative to wine (good) and whiskey (bad) days.
On a wine day – it could be one goal with several tasks involved.
On a whiskey day – it could be one minute at a time.
For me, I have a rat race in my mind. Always have. I wanted to be sure I got married sooner than later (which didn’t happen thankfully). Not because I wanted to be married, but because I wanted my grandfather to see me married. I’m always moving at lightning speed – when the real movements are in the ONE moments.
The ONE phone call you made, the ONE coffee date, the ONE load of laundry. Those things have to start somewhere.
Look at 2017 the same way.
What are the things you’d like to accomplish and then break it down to ONE thing at a time. Give yourself a whole lot of grace when you think you should be further along than you think. Because honestly, you’re already ahead! Most items evolve with time. And actually you need the time to reflect, find more answers or to meet that ONE person with some of the knowledge you seek.
Most of our thoughts of success seem to be related with time – because goals are important with dates attached. However, I’m reminded of the last line in Seth Godin’s post – Speed is relative – pick your own pace.
To a very healthy, happy 2017. Here’s to all your successes – on your own terms!