Networking Crush Dumped You?

We’ve all had a “she’s the one” moment.

The love at first sight when you meet an incredible woman. She’s everything you want to be and more. She’s got things happening – and your heart races. She’s got it going on, not only with kickass shoes, but a personality to boot.

You introduce yourself, because the overwhelming magnetic pull is more powerful than your want to contain yourself. Everything is glowing, the aura outlining her hair almost blinds you. As you stumble to introduce yourself, you can’t wait to hear more about your new friend. She feels it too. You know because her eyes light up and the smushy oozing gushing talk about how wonderful it is to meet each other is uplifting. It’s magic. How wonderful that the universe has brought you together.

You’re both so giddy you might just make out right there in public.

There are talks of getting together to collaborate. You envision going multi-million dollar level together or healing the world all in one sweep together. You exchange phone numbers. Not with business cards, you actually put your phone number into each other’s cell phones. And, she does the ultimate networking move – she takes a picture and sets up your contact with her picture. SWOON.

As you say good-bye, you’re already strategizing when you can contact her again. Not wanting to seem over-eager, you wait a couple of days. You decide to text, because texting is totally acceptable. Now you wait. And, wait. It’s been five minutes. And then, five hours. You text again after a week.


You send an email, perhaps the text got lost. Still nothing.

What could have gone wrong?

Don’t take it personally, I call it connection lust.

It’s happened to me many times. People are swept up in the moment. They are either happy to be at a conference, or happy to be away from their routine. And, maybe they still want to be your BFF. Or, maybe it’s just a hat-tip to another cool lady.

To help you during the crisis of a networking crush fizzle, think about the following;

Consider the venue/event – People get swept away in the energy of the event or meeting. We hear and see things in a different way. They may just want to check out during the event and not looking for more, even though they said they did.

How busy are they? Your new crush may very well want to talk to you, they may be wrapped up in other priorities. However, if they can’t make time to talk – even three weeks out without communicating why, then they’ve changed their mind. It’s a mystery – unless they tell you – just let it roll.

Are you projecting your next success, idea, forward motion on the hopes of picking this person’s brain? I find sometimes when I’m mesmerized by someone’s business beauty – there is a bit of “I want what she’s having” moment. And, I probably projected a bit more eagerness than they signed up for – which can scare people away. This is good – it’s OK!

It’s a funny thing, meeting people – saying you’ll connect and then being blown off.

And then, in between, there are magical connections.

Just keep being YOU.